Madunagala Hermitage

The Madunagala hermitage is a beautiful location, situated on and around a rock in the shade of the thick jungle. Consisting of caves where Buddhist monks are in deep meditation the hermitage also comprises ancient pools that aid nature's flow of water.

The temple is situated in the midst of the thick jungle haunted by wild animals. Elephant, bear and leopard prowl the roads after dark, so much so that tourists and pilgrims who come to give alms are told not to leave human settlements after 6.30pm.

The temple is surrounded by outcroppings of rock. The atmosphere is perfect for contemplation and meditation. Visitors could see across to another hilltop Karamagala where monks live in solitude. The monks of Madunagala Vihare retreat into the jungle and meditate in niches cut in the rock. If the monks permit you also can be there for a few days of meditation.